I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin in 1994. From that moment I began to travel, first in Europe then in Asia and South America. Painting in that period was more alive than ever, in every place I came into contact with there appeared a work inspired by the moment and donated to that space. Subsequently I worked as a restorer of wall paintings, intervening in various period homes in Italy.

I alternated periods of travel and restoration of works for several years, this gave me the opportunity to dedicate myself to the more subtle aspect of existing, of learning by listening. This fruit ripened in 2018, when I decided to “stop” and dedicate all the attention and love I have (which I am) to painting. I have been working for the last 6 years on the project that my paintings show: meeting myself, in the place of purity, where forms appear spontaneously and where joy manifests itself.

Painting is the dynamic form of my meditation.